Do It Yourself Shack - a site for simple do it yourself type projects, how to tutorials, reviews and more.


Why DO IT YOURSELF you say?

There is absolutely no reason at all you have to do it yourself, but there is a certain satisfaction you will achieve when you think outside of the box. The Zen and the art of DIY will give you more insight into just how things work, and what functionality is really necessary.
When you do it yourself, you might actually end up with a finished item that you can't find anywhere else. Something unique and personalized to your very on needs or taste. So ... why not do it yourself?
I assume that most readers are somewhat technically inclined at this site, so I am providing broad overviews in a lot of cases, because the detail for every user will vary significantly. If you do find more detail is needed for something or I have made a mistake, well please... feel free to contact me and give me a good going over for being so careless. You can find an email address for contact here.
I also would welcome submissions or ideas, so if you have some, please pass them along also. Remember, part of the fun of a DIY project is the learning experience so jump in and do things yourself !
Remember - I assume no liability for anything you might undertake here. Not that I am posting anything really dangerous, but don't blame me if things don't work out just like you intended. Now with that said, jump in and do it yourself, you might actually have some fun!